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A small town an hour and a half drive from Seattle usually driven thru by white families on their way to mt. Ranier full of wiggers, potheads and more racist white trash than you'd expect in a metropolitan state like Washington about 4 black kids in the entire school system and even fewer Asians considered a shithole by 90% of kids that live here

Full of kids that talk about fighting all day buy get into about one fight every two years, everyone here never seems to have money or pot and even when you get it it's about the only place in america where people will take your money and give you nothing back the reason for this is the fact that the kids buying bud usually have more money to spare from their flowing allowances they get from their parents that are too busy working at a job 20 miles away that they don't realize their child is a stoner
Me: damn how fuckin hard is it to get good weed around here

Friend: this is fucking orting there's no such thing as good bud

Me: yeah fuck this town
by Cracky Ninja August 24, 2009
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A town in Washington state, situated near the foot of Mt. Rainier where the Carbon and Puyallup rivers meet. Originally formed for loggers and farmers, which is why there are used to be so many farms. Over the past several years, the farms have turned into housing developments and terrible traffic in the mornings.

No one's ever heard of Orting unless they live there, and except a few people from the surrounding towns when they vaguely remember they drove through it on their way to some remote mountain destination.

Filled with white trash, lots of emos kids, druggies, potential suicides, pre/teen sex, high school football and Carhartt jackets. The housing developments have added some more 'normal' families intent on living in a place with the beautiful scenic views--except it was only there before all the houses were added into the valley.

Also has the Orting Trail, which used to be a railroad and was changed into a paved trail. Not only that, but if Mt. Rainier explodes, it's supposed to function as the escape route from the lahar for grade schoolers. Good luck with that, kiddies.
Anywhere 20 miles or more from Orting city limits:

"So, where're you from?"


"...Where's that?"

"Near Mt. Rainier... and Sumner, Bonney Lake, Buckley, Enumclaw, etc."


"No way! You've actually heard of it??"

"...I think I drove through it once."
by cracktastic March 28, 2009
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the act of being excessivly loud, annoying, obnoxious and/or drunk

pertains to the chant "ORT! ORT! ORT!"
Stop orting in my face!

You just orted everywhere, you must have spilt about five gallons of ort.

Ort! Ort! Ort!
by kunde September 02, 2006
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orting, is.....
a small town about 90/100 minutes away from seattle (depending on traffic) its pop. is about last time i saw, 4,600 people. some may say its racist but i dont think so. the land once was occupided by framers that explans the very good local food :) over all it is a awsome place to hang out with friends.
good things about orting...

1. good local food (mcdonalds also!!)
2. housing develements close to town good for quick trips to town or hang with friends
3. ya thats it :/
bad things about orting...

1. boring as hell
2. horrible elementry school
3. horrible children/kids/teens peoples
hey ortings ok, they have a mcdonalds." "ya but its as boring as hell!!!!
by P Y T April 06, 2011
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