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1. mispelling of Oprah

2. What Oprah was actually named, but was changed by accident by some one on her birth certificate(true).
Orpah was a character that Oprah was named after.
by Batost June 02, 2006
Common mispronunciation of "Oprah." Also see Ofrah, Ofrey, Oprer and Okrah.
"Damn that Orpah gots lots of money!"
by Creedmoor October 13, 2004
- a wonderfully beautiful and kind person.
- she loves all, but sometimes is a big flirt, a real dee (definition 1.), who at times, sends the wrong messages.
- stays up late at night on msn, just to keep you company.
- is a great study helper, pro in science
- too choxy for anybodys shirt!
- very photogenic, there is not one picture of her in the world in which she looks bad in.

Isn't she such an orpah?
by SKADee June 11, 2006
1. someone who is hobo-like and poor
2. usually a kid/teen
3. begs for change and has little to no belongings
4. might resemble an orphan
*kid wrapped in blanket head to toe*-i feel lik such an orpah -__-
by orpahgirl December 13, 2010
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