The greatest school in all of Minnesnowta. people that come from this place are the "swickest" of them all and deserve all of the praise they have coming. Every person that has ever stepped out of this high school has become successful and lived a beautifully fabulous life. Orono High school is a place that provides wonderful people with a swick life. brillance, beauty, and swickness. Only ballers come from here. BALLER CITY.
Wow, ****** came from Orono High School, she is the swickest person I've ever met
by swicknastay January 12, 2011
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Top Definition
Located in Orono, Maine. Really small school that consistst of hicks and fake bitches. Most people dont care about school and are too busy doing drugs. The academics are good but the sports teams pretty much suck. Most people are dying to leve. But orono is way better than Old Town.
i go to Orono High sucks
by starfox2010 November 07, 2010
Orono is a school in Minnesota, where snow days are rare and meeting partiers is common. People here are pretty fucking awesome. 90% of Orono is rich, 10% are stoners. Orono is not racially diverse with about 5 black people here.
Friend request from ******. Holy shit shes so fucking hottt bro!
She is from Orono High School. Of course shes hot!
by ORONO HOTTIESSSS January 27, 2013

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