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Retirement community consisting of "antique shops" on "quaint" streets. Which is a hang-out for drug addicted teenagers, and racist non-card holding Klan members. Also referred to O-Town, but nobody has ever heard of it, except for the residents.
Creepy Old Guy1: Lets go down to Ormstown and hang out in the park.

Creepy Old Guy2: Nah, that sounds boring!

Creepy Old Guy1: The underagers are out and the age of consent is now 14!

Creepy Old Guy1: Ok!!!

by Brandicka April 23, 2009
People call it a town, but it is really just a small collection of houses where 90% of the young Francophone population owns a Honda civic older than the year 2001. These young Francophones often congregate at the local grocery store parking lot after hours, to hold competitions of who has the shittiest/ugliest/most annoying cars, much to the dismay of town-dwellers or passersby with an IQ above 80 (which is rare in Ormstown).
Person 1: Excuse me young man, is this Ormstown?

by tetecarre April 11, 2011
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