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The result of losing control while operating a motor vehicle, causing it to spin wildly out of control and into a ditch, sometimes upside-down.

Term originally coined on Jalopnik's Oppositelock forum, in regards to author Raphael Orlove losing control of his car and flipping it into a ditch.
Raphael Orlove: "Hi, I need to report an accident."
Insurance Company: "Hello, I'm sorry to hear that. What happened?"
RO: "Um, I Orlove'd my Baja Bug."
IC: "You what your what?!"
RO: "I spun my Beetle into a ditch, rolled a few times, wrote part of a story about the event on Jalopnik and probably won't write part 2."
IC: "I see."
by ScoobSTi December 31, 2013
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