A mediocre actor that the ladies adore because of their bisexual tendencies.
Orlando Bloom: Bend your ears to the distance, friends. I sense great danger approch...ing...uh, line please.

Peter Jackson: Cut! Approaching on the northern wind! For crying out loud, Bloom, that's your only line in the movie. How do you keep screwing that up?
by Veldrimal December 19, 2004
An actor who is constantly slammed because everyone thinks he is a sissy and because stupid teenage girls fawn over him, but he really is a pretty nice guy if you get to know him. It's not his fault that stupid teens think he's the hottest of the hot and make him look bad.
Orlando Bloom is cool.
by Hurkle March 23, 2005
The absolute hottest man on the planet. His two best roles were when he played Legolas in LOTR and Will Turner in Pirates of the Carribbean. Birthday is January 13, 1977. From Canterbury, England.
That guy is almost as hot as Orlando Bloom.
by ambercutie March 01, 2005
A moment in which someone slaps another across the face, and the reciever does nothing about it. Originated from the fact that Orlando Bloom looks like he would do nothing if he took a cock slap to the face.
He was acting like a bitch so I Orlando Bloomed him
by Ryan Birney January 18, 2005
A guy who has girls drooling all over him, while making males jelous as hell. My opinion is that he is a great guy, though his nose is a little strong. Has a sun on the lower abondomen, and the elf rune #9 on his inner right arm. Is a very clumsy man, but that makes us all love even more!
*Orlando falls down stairs* Oww...
by Astàra Elfwood June 03, 2004
someone you will never be half as talented or good looking as
"your no orlando bloom yerself mate"
"hmmm, he's nice but he's no orlando bloom"
by MEGA.n July 14, 2008
He's Like music, he escapes lyrical boundaries, and transcends emotional needs. Plus, he's funkin' HOT!!!
Gabby:"Aye Papi, break me off a piece of that!"
Orlando Bloom:"We've got to save Elizabeth!"
by Kitty Stroker April 14, 2008
Oh my god. Too great for words. But I suppose this is way Im expected to run this urban dictionary thing. Well, here goes:

1./Orlando is the most sexiest man I have ever laid my keen eyes on.
2./The type of guy I would kill for.
3./If our paths ever do cross, he must be warmed that I may jump on his yummy body of his and take him home to my liking :]

I suppose thats` good enough.
1./Boy, do I love Orlando Bloom.
2./Boy, do I love Orlando Bloom.
3./Boy, do I love Orlando Bloom, much.
by Desiree, uhduh. August 17, 2006

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