noun: a hideous creature who prays on asians, harassing them for attention, sex, and deli sandwiches. *when angered, orks have a tendency to dance in their underwear.
nadia, stop being such an ork! leave that poor asian alone!
by roldie lee January 09, 2009
Top Definition
A race that is made for fightin' and winnin'.
"Orks iz made fer fightin' and WINNIN'!"
by Crazzeh Dano October 01, 2007
the variation of "orc" from j.r.r. tolkiens lotr etc, used in the warhammer 40,000 world to blow some space marines up!
the outpost was overrun by greenskins
by barbarella June 08, 2004
(n.)A variation of "Orc."

That is, a man-sized, mythological monster possesing strength, ugliness, and unpleasant disposition, first coined by J.R.R. Tolkien as a word for goblin in his works _The Lord of the Rings_ and _The Silmarillion_; GOBLIN
by Anonymous September 10, 2003
screw in a bizarre manner
they thought he was a cow orker, but he was just a yes-man.
by Luddz January 28, 2015
A synonym to Energy, Lust, Will power, Etc.
"Ork" or "Orka" is the Swedish word for all of the above.... And a lot shorter. An expression within its self.
"i don't have the ork"
Can be used in multiple different ways.

Pronounced like "or" with a "K" at the end of it. Just like the Orc's in Lord of the rings.
Example 1.
Jessica: Daniel do you want to come over and watch a movie?
Daniel: No i don't have the ork to come over.

Example 2.
Mike: John do you want to play football?
John: Na, just don't have the ork.

Example 3.
Anne: Fuck me now!
Marie: My tongue is to tired from this morning and i have been working all day. Orka....
by Radio29 January 26, 2008
verb, transitive. To figuratively emasculate someone; to dominate and humiliate him. Taken from "orchiectomy," which is surgery to remove a testicle. Coined in 2012 by Washington Post columnist Gene Weingarten.
"Man, the Yankees sure orked the Sox last night."
by VoidWhere March 26, 2012
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