When something is so good you jizz, no matter what gender you are.
"I just had the best doughnut. It was totally orjizzmic!"
by doughnutmonster September 23, 2009
Top Definition
When Something is so amazing that you jizz and have an orgasm no matter if you are a girl or boy.
Alyssa: Adam Try these roman noodles
Adam: Omg! So amazing! I just orjizzmic'd
Meghan: that made my life!
by Ademomey August 16, 2010
Adj. To characterize something that gives you the extreme peak of the plateau phase of the sexual response cycle, characterized by an intense of pleasure.
Dude, this song is Orjizzmic.
Look at that R8, its soooooo Orjizzmic
by MannyMdot January 20, 2011
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