Space Pirate Ninja from the future. Well known badass, and conqueror. Very tough, hard to kill, and hardly ever gives up. Keeps a positive attitude, and doesn't let things bother him. Others are envious of his talents and abilities and hate him for it, but secretly wish that they were him. People either love or hate him, but those who don't don't know the real Orion yet. Orion is a good friend to have, but someone you don't want as an enemy. But he is very forgiving to his enemies.
Orion just entered the forum and told off that troll.

Orion just liberated the miners from Stern Metal corporation and set them up with Stern Metal's money and facilities.

That troll got jealous of Orion's programming abilities and tried to troll him, but Orion didn't let it bother him and called the troll on his logical fallacies and errors.
by Rob Gorden November 19, 2009
Top Definition
Slang for attractive girl or guy.

Orions are sometimes arrogant but very yummy. Orions have a dreamy look and are total prince charmings. Make you melt.
'Mmmm who is that'
'His name is Orion'

'HOTDAMN. I bet it is, i bet it is!'
by Princesscharming December 07, 2013
1) Someone who seems to be attracted to living in the middle of nowhere.

2) An addiction to photoediting.

3) Act of hating the sun.
1) "I lived in Bickleton (see definition) for about 7 years. Now I'm about to head off to Pullman."

2) "You've been photoediting for the past 36 hours straight. Could you maybe take a break now? Geez."
"I can't help it; I have an Orion."

3) "Why is that guy standing in the shade when it's so nice here on the sidewalk, in the beautiful, glorious sunlight?"
"I don't know...He must be Orion-ing."
by Live.Love.Learn July 31, 2009
A green species on Star Trek and object of many fanboy erections due to the species' culture of selling their animalistic females as slaves. The later incarnation of Orions on Star Trek: Enterprise tried to make the species PC by claiming the males were slaves, and they failed miserably.
"Did you see that Kirk was banging an Orion chick in the new Star Trek movie?"

"Total fan service."
by Geekaphile June 03, 2013
A nature lover that also loves cats. Cannot lie or pollute to save his life. Has a very good memory and is very OCD and ADHD. Is kind and honest and not very popular.
by DeTigerBoy March 14, 2014
Someone who gives the best sloppy tippy in town
Damn she's such an Orion
by Darkhorizon3011 June 01, 2016
1. A famous constelation, Orions Belt ect.

2. The best rock Insturmental track ever created, by Metallica.
1. Oooh, its orion's belt.

2. Orion fucking rocks!
by Pyro Maniac May 09, 2004
someone who has a giant cock and is forced to walk with it as his curse. but is still awesome
That guys cock is so big he's almost an Orion
by kyle poterman February 28, 2009
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