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A sexy white polar bear who has fun with her woodland creatures in the middle of the night.
-Men hunting in the woods-
Man 1- "Shoot that white deer over there."
Man 2- "No wait, tha'ts just Oriah playing with her woodland friends!!"
by Hoffey^-^ October 09, 2011
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is a bitch who can talk alot of shit , shy , nervous , usually has a badass attitude, wanna be , whore, likes almost every guy, but is a good friend, flirts with your boyfriend, hoe , and a cheater, changes her mind alot, not athletic or outgoing, shy quiet, emo , and abusive.
guy #1 " woah whose that bitch? "
guy #2 "oh dont mess with that whore , shes an oriah "
by playboybunnybitchh June 10, 2011
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