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A person who doesn't know that Oreo cookies are made for milk and best when dunked in milk.
Foreigner: "Hold on I'll be right back." (comes back with Oreos and a glass of milk)

Duder: "Oh sweet dude, Oreos! Love them shits."

Foreigner: "Me too." (eats one Oreo then drinks milk)

Duder: "What the fuck are you doing? Dude you have to dunk them shits in there and let it get a little soggy."

Foreigner: (Dunks Oreo then takes a bite) "WOW! That is amazing. Nobody does that in my home country. Thanks doggy!"

Duder: "Good think I came along, otherwise you'd be an Oreo amateur all your life."
by westfalia December 18, 2009
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