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Pembroke Dock based band. Cool as funk yo!
"What's ordersixty-six at your local chinese?"
by Darth Sloth March 04, 2007
Slothy's definition was lacking EVERYTHING!

OrderSixty-Six (also known as; O66)is a Pembroke Dock based band, consisting of six equally talented members, highly obsessed with Star Wars. They sound like everything you could possibly imagine, and more.

Members are as follows;
Daz; Vocals
Lee; Guitarist & Backing Vocals
Gaz; Guitarist
Bowen; Bassist
Adz; Keyboardist & general screams
Jamie (aka Slothy); Drums

OrderSixty-Six are mainly known for the fact that they have the most awesome stage presence, and manage to perform amazing sets each gig, despite whatever crowd they are faced against.

They are truly the Jedi's of Music today.
I Love You Guys. (:

Also, they believe themselves to be very sexy men... well I'm not to sure on that one. :P
"What's OrderSixty-Six at your local Chinese?"
by Sameh June 06, 2007
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