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A town south of Buffalo, NY that is notorious for producing rich kids who pretend that their lives are difficult. It has three country clubs within three miles each other. Orchard Parkers typically dress in anything Ralph Lauren or Lacoste. You must own several pairs of madras shorts, a couple pairs of Sperrys, at least a few pairs of Uggs, and have a different pastel shirt for every day of the month to live in Orchard Park. If you are a Democrat, move.
Guy 1:"Hey, do you think I should get this South Pole shirt?"
Guy 2:" Why the hell would you buy that? You're from Orchard Park, not the ghetto."
by cccaroo. January 19, 2011
The worst school in southern ontario. We have teachers such as Mrs. Youn, who is a the co-op nazi. Also, Mr Elliot the so called "Best of everything" is a weirdo.
Also a Mr. Faccio, nicknamed "P.Faccis" by students named Dylan and Dan M. Dont haxorz with P. Faccis!
Cardinal Newman Kid: Yo man wtf jdm yo! You goto that school , thats shit. OP is not OG. Its full of wannabe dope slangers. Orchard Park is a shitty school comared to our see thru stairs at CN! YOU SUCK!

Dylan: Why you testin' my gangsta, I shoot you up Stoney Creek Style, fool! They dont call me Delightful Dylan for no reason, fool.
by Jordan Muldoon October 10, 2006
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