People that play violin, viola, cello, and/or bass in the orchestra or youth symphony. The awesomest people you'll ever meet. We totally beat the band geeks and the choir queers and don't let anyone tell you differently. We're a lot more mature and we don't feel the need to be the center of attention. Orch dorks also have a lot more fun in their own strange and perplexing way which you would only understand if you were an orch dork yourself.
Bob: Let's go hang out with the orch dorks! They always have such a fun time.

Fred: Yeah! Love those guys!
by Trebletrouble October 02, 2009
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Orch Dork - a talented person who works their butt off playing an instrument violin, viola, cello, bass, harp, piano for the betterment of their life...aka Orchestra! Note: Mess with an Orch Dork = committing suicide. We all come after you and bash our instruments yes, even the bass on your head until you can accept the fact that we rock harder than the Band and Choir combined. That's right. Be afraid. Be VERY afraid.]
Orch Dorks rock the Fine Arts building! ;)
by Theresa October 12, 2004
A very sexy person that happens to play in an orchestra.
Dang...'Dem Orch Dorks got 'fine' written all over 'dem...
by Kung Pow June 07, 2006
people who work unbeleivably hard to play an orchestra instrument. I love cello!
youth symphony kicks ass!
by laff_a_lot May 09, 2005
A person who is good at and loves playing an instrument in an orchestra (usually a school or youth orchestra). Usually these people are friends with other musically inclined people (band geeks, choir queers). Orch dorks are also usually very passionate about and familiar with various pieces of classical music. They are always talking about orchestra, bringing up jokes and situations from orchestra, and looking forward to orchestra. They often have a very strong opinion about their conductor. They're capable of being sophisticated people, but they choose not to be.
We're such orch dorks. We made up an interpretive dance to the piece we're playing.
by wheesus September 28, 2006
One who plays in orchestra, hangs out with bandos(see also Band Geek,Band Dork) at times. When they combine there forces with the bandos and choir kids they can destroy everything (insert O Fortuna here). However they and the other groups mentioned choose to use their power for good. Orch Dorks use their power to make their instruments not sound like a chorus of dieing cats
The Orch Dork lives in the orchestra room.
by Squirrel Lord November 09, 2005
The smart people who play violin, viola, bass, or CELLO. They are smarter than the choir kids, and better looking than the band geeks, but they still hang out with them. Orch Dorks try not to associate with people who aren't musically inclined. Many orchesta wannabes try to be like orch dorks, but end up being hated by everyone. So as a warning to non-musically inclined people, do not join orchestra, band, or chorus!
The concert featuring the whole music program was awesome! Those orch dorks blew us away!!!
by Ninja Burger June 29, 2010

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