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Orange Koolaid is a common term used in Alabama for the drug OxyContin. Oxycontin is a very powerful pain killer that can easily be addicted to if abused incorrectly. I prefer to take the time release off and crush the pill and snort it. Some just take the time release off and chew it, and hardcore addicts(i have a good friend that does this) melts it down in a spoon with water and shoots it up from a needle. He has been to rapid detox and a 60 day program after that and as soon as he got back he fell right back down.
Hey man do you have any orange kool aid?

Have you had any orange koolaid lately?
by D.S. in AL October 09, 2006
what black people drink
whatcha drinking

orange kool-aid DUHHH
by orange kool-aid March 27, 2011
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