Organic RAM, gray matter, a brain.
I would have remembered but my ORAM is failing.
by dondeman July 15, 2010
Top Definition
The word given to a horny devon whore that particularly enjoys anal. See cum dumpster.
'Matt, have you done that Oram the way she likes it yet'.
by MaddySM February 04, 2008
You got pwnt..or uber 1337
Holy shit Rob you got O'Rammed
by GeocentricRyan October 23, 2003
a sexually dysfunctional male with a prediliction for hamsters - a genus of the phyllum "learning facilitator"
Patrick is an oram
by Jane March 11, 2004
Expletive: a sign of astonishment, or a sign of agreement

verb: beaten, defeated
"O-Ram! That kicked ass!"

"Did that kick ass?" "O-Ram!"

"Damn ryan, your definition got O-Rammed!"
by Sechen November 09, 2003
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