The act of being fellated by a woman while standing (she's on her knees), cumming in her mouth, and pulling a quick 180 to then fire out a log into her cum-filled orifice.
Event form:
I'd been eating fiber bars all day to prepare for our Oral Hershiser.

Verb form:
She gave me oral, then I spun around and hershised that bitch.
by johnnyg11141983 March 17, 2008
Top Definition
When a person inserts a baseball into a man's rectum, then performs fellatio on the man whilst he clinches on the baseball.
Piazza's rectum looks like a Babe Ruth era catcher's mitt these days! Must be all those Oral Hershisers that Keith Hernandez gave him.
by Dick Burley May 09, 2011
Fishing out the log you just dropped from the toilet. Find the nearest person and throw the shit like a 90 MPH fastball. It's only a strike if you hit the persons mouth.
I got so tired of this bitch running her mouth. I had to shut it so I decided to give her a Oral Hershiser. STRIKE!!!
by zaxin October 17, 2010
When a female is giving you dome and somehow blows out her elbow like a major league pitcher.
Q: Why are you wearing a sling?
A: Well I was giving this guy and Oral Hershiser the other day and I ended up needing Tommy John surgery.
by Themaskedcrusader June 19, 2009
The act of a girl (or guy, for all of you Lance Bass-type people) fellating a guy, and then having the guy defecating in the girl's mouth. This is not to be confused with Orel Hershiser, a former MLB pitcher and current analyst for ESPN.

Man, Sylvanta wanted me to just orgasm in her mouth, but I gave the Oral Hershiser instead.
by Z™ August 22, 2006
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