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The religion that will one day take over the world where people become even more attracted to Oprah W.
I joined Oprahism when i reallized i do whatever she says anyway.
by Oprah Fan January 16, 2008
A religion which developed starting in North America in the late 20th century. The religion itself has no doctrine like other counter parts in modern society. It basically revolves around the churches leader Oprah Winfrey. There are some other less powerful leaders, a man whose name is “Dr.” Phil. One must only assume that this title was bestowed upon as Colonel is given in the state of America known as Kentucky.
The leaders of this church have considerable power upon consumers, who buy products that mainly the churches leader tells them to. Items that Oprah tells her followers to buy include but are not limited to, books, and health and beauty care products. While the churches shadow corporation known as Harpo has a production company, a magazine, as well as a television network.
While Ms. Winfery has been proven wrong on several occasions, she has yet to ever address these instances. She has been also known to advocate and inform about health matters, that are either only partialy true, or yet to be proven or excepted by several government regulating agencies.
Make no mistake this is a religion, as with all orginzed faith groupings it has followers of differing degrees of devotion and involvement.
Once a year the leader of Oprahism broadcasts an hour long feeding frenzy of mass histaria known as Oprahs favorite things.
by argh to the jay May 07, 2010
The religion that worships Oprah Winfrey. You fit into this belief if you watch all of her T.V shows(Tivo them too), constantly look her up on Wikipedia, & Wear oprah winfrey merchandise. This religion usually consists of Femenists, gay men, middle-aged women, and black women.
Steve: I am a firm beliver in Oprahism.I go to the national church of Oprah everyday.

Doug: ......Dick Mouth.
by It's just me. July 24, 2008

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