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When Oprah pimps something (ANYTHING!!!) on her show and it immediately sells out.
Customer: "Hi, I'm looking for this book I saw on Oprah today."
Bookseller: "Sorry, that book's been Oprahed, it's sold out."
by Grand Master J-Dizzle January 11, 2006
To get into trouble for something your wife/girlfriend saw on Oprah.
Wife: Honey do you love me?
Husband: Yes.
Wife: Just me,...and no I was watching Oprah today. It was about men who leave their wives for other men.
Husband: Why do I have to get Oprahed when I walk in the door?
by Steadman, Graham January 05, 2011
An adjective for when a grown man gets emotional and starts crying because of some heart felt "moment."
You got totally Oprahed when you saw that news clip about the poor children.
by theEwok May 26, 2009
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