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A woman who can't think up their own opinions, such as fasion and music. Usually has to get brag about getting drunk on the weekend, and then boast about it for the following week. Generally wears what's 'cool' and frequently has meaningless sex and constantly brags how uncool other people are because they aren't as freakin' shallow as them.
May also be interested in celebrity gossip, as they cannot find another reason for their meaningless existance.
Girl 1: Oh my god, have you seen those new boots?
Girl 2: Yeah, I hate them, but this magazine, "SlutZ" says they're cool, so I'm going to buy them.
Man 1: You moronic, Opinionless bitches. DIE!
*Pulls out shotgun and empties both barrels in the girls' faces*
by SnipaMasta May 09, 2005

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