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General term which refers to the boss or assistant boss who has a troubled home life. This person's wife is often caught with other men, (or women), especially the husband's best friend. Quite often, the wife likes to get eaten out by the best friend, usually in nature, such as a wooded or camp-like setting, or even on the beach. This type of person is generally quite irritable, and you do not want to approach them during work hours.
Employee 1: Damn did you hear about poor opie, he caught his wife getting eaten out in the back yard by his best friend.

Employee 2: Do you know who has 2 thumbs and munched his wife last night????? This guy
by Chuncky Kuntz February 05, 2008
The opester.....A.K.A the king of tanks....A.K.A FRAGOpie.....A.K.A WKA Opie
man, i just got rocked by opie
by anon March 05, 2004
Dupe accounts is his worst nightmare
Dont get dupe accounts or I will banZ0rz j00!!!!
by Mike December 05, 2003
(n) g0d. Owner/Founder/Host of www.entensity.net

(adj) rad, cool; crazy

0p13 is our g0d. 3ntensity is 0ur temple
by carlos February 16, 2005
A fat man, works at UPS, resembles a turtle, loves strippers and getting drunk with his mommy on the weekends, aka Shane, owner of entensity.net
Shut the fuck up Opie!
by Str8 outta compton December 06, 2003
1) An unusal hick creature that closely resembels a turtle, that lives at home and is 23 years old.

2) Runs a website where the majority of the fan base is 13 year olds that go for the porn only.

3) Gay Lover with Boy-Wonders-If-Hes-Gay

4) Also Known as "Dopie"
"Wow you suck good dick and put it up the ass just right Opie," says boywondersifhes gay.
by Em December 05, 2003
Owner of the website www.entensity.net

Real name: Shawn

OMG! I am 1st to comment.
OMG Opie you rock!


Opie I'm your #1 fan OMFG and you don't give a shit LOLZ!
by «» June 21, 2004