A "pussy whipped" jewish boy
Ay man, your such an opey. Break up with her already!
by Melodie Watkins May 30, 2011
Top Definition
redheaded albino virgin
opey is still a virgin and he's pale white
by chemical.dependency December 02, 2009
Redheaded, albino, virgin.

One who is so red, and pale.None has slept with him/her
Dude, he/she is straight Opey!. You know he/she never got any.
by eaglesfanguy December 02, 2009
The Dude you wish you were!
Opey is the shit!
by Lindseyto January 19, 2012
person or persons pertaining to entry unto a "boyband" for instance blue
Opey extended his tongue and started to lick slowly around....
by *parp* February 03, 2003
Rimking supreme, rims the whole of Tiscali with ease.
Guest23115 was kicked by Opey (YOU JUST GOT RIMMED *UNF*)
by MiG February 03, 2003

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