Sophomoric acronym made up by drugged up socialist/leftists college kids, similar to Operation Iraqi Freedom, who believe the tripe of the left. For males, it gets them a lot of leftist 'tang. For females, it gives them the appearence of intelligence to rail against the establishment when it only serves to further demonstrate their naivete in world affairs.
Male war protestor: Bush is sofaking stupid, blah blah blah...only in it for oil...Operation Iraqi Liberation...blah blah blah.

Female lefty: I agree. It's not like he did it to get rid of a horrible dictator, his only motivation is oil. In fact, did you know that he needs refined petroleum so that he can breathe fire and eat babies?

Male War Protestor: Cool cool...wanna bang?

Female lefty: Sure!
by Wenton Chan March 13, 2005

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