Sophomoric acronym made up by drugged up socialist/leftists college kids, similar to Operation Iraqi Freedom, who believe the tripe of the left. For males, it gets them a lot of leftist 'tang. For females, it gives them the appearence of intelligence to rail against the establishment when it only serves to further demonstrate their naivete in world affairs.
Male war protestor: Bush is sofaking stupid, blah blah blah...only in it for oil...Operation Iraqi Liberation...blah blah blah.

Female lefty: I agree. It's not like he did it to get rid of a horrible dictator, his only motivation is oil. In fact, did you know that he needs refined petroleum so that he can breathe fire and eat babies?

Male War Protestor: Cool cool...wanna bang?

Female lefty: Sure!
by Wenton Chan March 13, 2005
Top Definition
What the US government was calling the Iraq War before they realized the title was more appropriate than it should have been (Operation Iraqi Liberation – O.I.L.). This is not an urban legend made up by leftists; check the official whitehouse press release: ases/2003/03/20030324-4.html
(delete space in "releases")
Operation Iraqi Liberation liberated something, but it wasn't Iraqis (it was O.I.L.).
by author August 02, 2006
A brilliant post-9/11 strategic maneuver created by George W. Bush to liberate the oil from the ground while shooting at innocent Iraqi civilians and replacing Saddam with yet another puppet dictator.
Thanks to Operation Iraqi liberation, millions of Americans can happily fill up their gas-guzzling SUVs.

Hooray for Bush!
by AYB July 19, 2003
the reason that we now can fill up our cars on the blood of Iraqi children
Thanks to operation world domination i can save three cents on my next fill up! Heil Bush! and Americas Third Reich!
by Tubby December 06, 2003
a deceptive and official sounding word created by George W. Bush to cover up the fact that he just wants to finish what daddy started. YEEEEHAWWW, CALL DADDY, WE'RE GOIN' BACK TO THE DESERT just didn't sound as good. i wonder if the president would be as excited about the project if his daughters were over there waiting to get killed.
we can't tell the people the truth about this war, let'smake up something that sounds official...hmmmmmmmm, how'bout operation iraqi liberation.
by kevin December 28, 2004
I thought the only reason why we went to war with Iraq was because of nuclear weapons, NOT TO "LIBERATE" IRAQ.
This whole war-with-Iraq thing is excellent proff to show that the government can trick people into going to war for no reason whatsoever.
by weirdgirl August 15, 2003
It makes a lot of sense that OIL was for OIL right. Considering that the cost of war was much higher than the amount of OIL we can get from Iraq right.

Obviously this wasn't only about OIL it was also about Bush getting a political boost. Seriously there is no any other reason for a politician to do anything than attempting to get a political boost. I can't believe that any of you acctually believe the actors and musicians. Can't you see they are only trying to advert your attention from what this war was really about.

Also gas prices are higher now than they were before.
Anyone that thought OIL was about OIL and not Bush getting a higher approval is a retard.
by anonymous January 13, 2004
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