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An operation, ordered by UN Command, which was conducted in the Korean DMZ(Demilitarized Zone) in response to the Axe Muder Incident in 1976. The objective of the operation was to cut down a sinlge Poplar tree which obstructed view, and was also involved in the Axe Murder Incident.

The forces of the operation consisted of a convoy of approximately 20 American and South Korean land vehicles, as well as Cobra Atack helicopters, B-52 Bombers, and F-4 Fighters; also, including F-111 Fighters, artillery, and armor on stand-by. The entire force amounted to about 800 troops.

The UN forces met their objective by cutting down the designated Poplar tree in under an hour. The North Korean forces did mount approximately 150-200 troops, however, only set up machine gun positions and watched the cutting of the tree.
by Achach123 May 14, 2009
Depending on how you view it it was either the most pointless operation ever conducted or the most awesome. In 1976 Some american soldiers wanted to cut down a tree on the north/south korean border. The north koreans got pissed and killed two U.S. soldiers. Responding to this the U.S. got together almost 800 men including jets and and basically a truck full of chuck norris equvilants just to cut down a tree. Basically a show of force.
Guy 1 Man operation paul bunyan was so awesome

Guy 2 Are you kidding it was such a waste of time
by Sir Joseph Broadfront August 03, 2011
Operation Paul Bunyan took place in 1976 when US and south korean troops went to cut down a tree in the DMZ (Demillitarized Zone) Between north and south korea. When north korean troops went to intervene, they ended up beating 2 US Officers and 4 South Korean Troops
Operation Paul Bunyan was one of many attrocities commited by the DPRK.
by HKGunner January 16, 2006
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