vagina, pussy, women's reproductive organ.
"her oosh was oozing with juices"
by jeje January 02, 2005
Top Definition
An interjection expressing excitement.
Oosh! Those were some good collard greens!
by GBA December 09, 2003
oh my gosh, holy shit, etc.
Oosh! It's cold out here!
by Valerie Thompson December 01, 2005
Almost like "Whoa, cool"
"check my new shoes"

"guess which hardcore kid just wagged school?"
by Kirstieketchup May 07, 2008
A general and indefinite exclamation used for anything, the meaning of which is generally conveyed by tone. It can be used to describe an attractive person, a bad situation, surprise, disgust, and numerous emotions and actions.
Oosh! Check that dude out.
by Mark D. Interest June 11, 2015
Adjective- meaning something is of poor quality or disappointing

popularized heavily by chaminade college school in north york

Also can be used to describe one's performance
Dude, you see dan's girlfriend at that party? she used to be hot but now she's oosh!

Bro how'd you do in your game last night?

I ooshed it bro
by mikey-rose March 02, 2009
oosh-this word holds no meaning.
hey you wont to go oosh.
by Jesseray James November 30, 2007
I common name for penis. This is usual term to say publically so people have no idea what you are talking about, but you do...
Man: "Dude, my oosh is itching again. Last time I pick up a hitchhiker from 7-11 in the middle of the night"
by Dr. J-man May 14, 2007
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