An outburst of orgasmic sexual energy.
OMG I had a really loud oose and my girlfriend dumped me because of it! :(
by Jigga what? January 14, 2008
1) Shits weak.
2) When you have to do something you don't want to
3) Damnnnnnnnnnn
Friend: "I have to go to work"
you: "oooooooooooose"

Scenario: You and your nigga are smoking a blunt
Friend: "Shit, my girl be calling me breh"
You: "oose..... oose"
by Oose Promoter October 30, 2013
Hey, that oose is pretty tick ah? Yeah he's a big and ugly mutha fucka
by Cinnabolt November 15, 2010
The human buttocks, or hindquarters, rump, or "posterior."

(Probably derived from the word "arse" or "ass.")
"Man Alive, but riding this bike all day sure makes my oose hurt."
by Phorquieu May 06, 2007
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