Over zealous sex that leads to an accidental poopchute insertion. The poopchute hurts, the peen is shit-stained...its a bad situation.
Lee got so hot and bothered we had an "oopsie poopsie", and then she continuted on to have diahrea all over the bed.
by simples666 November 18, 2010
Top Definition
This happens during rough sex when the female gets extremely wet and the man is thrusting the entire lenghth of his fuck stick in and out of her gushing gash. He then gives her a good jam and unknowingly enters her backdoor and slides all the way up her turd tunnel. Generally, this will force the session to come to an abrupt stop as the woman struggles to catch her breath, while the man rinses the kidney bean off the end of his purple headed yogurt slinger.
G, Did you hear that bloody scream last night in the hotel? I think Mike gave Crystal an "Oopsie Poopsie"
by Ray March 08, 2005
the act of being hung over in the shower and farting only to realize that you actually had to shit but it is too late and your bath tub is now covered in shit and you are pissed because you are hung over and now have to clean up sloppy wet poop.
dude i was so hung over this morning that i oopsie poopsied all over my shower
by mist3rfrozt November 12, 2011
<expression> an expression used after a sloppy wet fart marks your undies with a huge soaking mudtrack
"She screamed 'oopsie poopsie' that night after the date to the indian restaraunt"
by Fucknuggets June 13, 2008
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