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1. When ever your looking for a noun that you can't think of. Use Oompaloompalapalous!
2. Can be used as code. On the Down Low.
3. Referring to the world from which the crazy little guys on Wily Wanka (the Oompaloompas) were smuggled from!
Definition 1. Noun-
1. Oh my god! Did you see the size of that... Oompaloompalapalous?
2. Shit! I stepped on my Oompaloompalapalous!
3. My mom walked in on me when I was beating my... Oompaloompalapalous.
Definition 2.-
1. Lets go Smoke the Oompaloompalapalous!
Definition 3.-
1. Man, I wish i could chill with the Oompas in Oompaloompalapalous!
2. Fuck! i just stepped in dog poop. This shit wouldn't happen in Oompaloompalapalous
by Oompaloompalapalous King November 09, 2008