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"were" or rather WHERE all the piles of sad failure of Ooltewah (see definition for Ooltewah) that were begat by failure meth-addicted whore mothers go to try and "LEARN ME UH BOOK" for "GRATER EDUMACATION" so that we can continue the countries downward spiral and let them "GRADUMICATE" with some of the worlds lowest educational standards.

Being "HOTT" has nothing to do with this.
Ooltewah High School, where undereducated redneck meth-babies go to try and learn a simple skill to try and survive and be a productive member of society.
by static-inferno March 12, 2010

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asian black fail failure girls methamphetamine retard weed white
A bullshit-old ass-cheap ass school. Everyone thinks violence is the answer. Alot of blacks and whites go to ooltewah high. limited asians. some musty people go there. most people who go to ooltewah high smoke weed, drink or pop pills. get in trouble for the littlest things. ooltewah is in a small ass town which is the size of my dick.
Types of ethnicity:Ooltewah high school

by guda October 25, 2010
Were All the HOTT girls go:
Taylor Gatewood,Alie McFall,ect.
by Hall October 27, 2004