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A word used when you can't remember the word that you want to be saying

Origin: S. Glover
From the Latin: Oojamaflip-umus
Where's that thing, you know, er, my oojamaflip, thingy, um, spoon! Yeah where's my spoon mofo?
by Andy July 21, 2003
n. A non-specific object, gadget or device. Probably derived from "doodah" via "oojah". See also "Oojah-ka-Piv"
The latest oojamaflip from Acme will have a built-in mp3 decoder.
by Ford Prefect November 08, 2003
(noun) a difficult situation or problem can be used as an expression of exaustion
" oh oojamaflip" or "this jigsaw is such an oojamaflip"
by tom precious January 07, 2005
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