to gaze in amiration, as if to have a crush
Brian caused Michelle's head to get sprung, there for causing her to oogle at him.
by crusher November 30, 2004
I once found a cat and called it Oogle. We had to hand it over to the RSPCA as it experienced regular seizures.
"Here, kitty kitty kitty Oogle"
by Dan June 28, 2004
To observe something in awe.
We went to Best Buy to oogle at the digital camcorders.
by Wilson October 10, 2003
(v)to stare at a beautiful boy who makes your knees weak, your mouth drop, and whos smile gives you butterflies.
Me: Deven, you were totally oogleing at that boy
Deven: No i wasn't!!
Me: Admit it. you love him.
Deven: thats cause hes HOTT.
by mollie & deven November 18, 2006
1. To gaze at in admiration
He oogled at her beauty, and huge tits.
by Annie June 15, 2003
A word used by Christina to describe perverts who ogle her
She felt dirty as she got oogled
by sarge October 08, 2005
Also: oogling, oogly, ooglish. It means to 'drool' over a hot guy or hot girl. I made the word myself. ^_^
Laura and I went to see The Matrix so we could oogle over Neo. He's so hot!
by Manders November 14, 2003
There is no definition for this word, because it is only a mispronounciation of the word Ogle, pronounced "ahh gul" or "Oh-gul" but not "Ooh-gul," which of course means to stare at impertinently, flirtatiously, or amorously.
I was ogling at that chick, not oogling.
by Mike Miller March 18, 2004

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