to gaze in amiration, as if to have a crush
Brian caused Michelle's head to get sprung, there for causing her to oogle at him.
by crusher November 30, 2004
A weird mexican dude who lacks the skills required to pull a chick older than 14, but is still pretty rad because he gives free burger king and on the rare, drunk occasion, some damn good head.
A1: Dude i'm fuggen starving, lets go get some free food from oogles.

A2: Oogles is such a beaner.

A1: agreed.
by Jan homrady June 12, 2008
On a scale to 10 of how wrong you are right now, 10 being the highest, your at about an oogle.
by c.m.s.a.g.m.b. April 04, 2010
Mike (author of definition #3): learn your slang before you try to educate us. The nu metal loving, jnco wearing monkeys that breed in the suburbs have nothing to do with the word ogle, which isn't even slang.
The oogles breaking bottles in the jungle ogled my Ulver patch because it was awe-inspiring yet daunting to see an example of true metal in their midst.
by Sir Isington Foppenhouse January 08, 2008
To ogle a large chested woman, specifically her breasts.
The boy couldn't help but oogle his teacher. She was practically bursting out of her dress.
by focomoso December 07, 2007
I once found a cat and called it Oogle. We had to hand it over to the RSPCA as it experienced regular seizures.
"Here, kitty kitty kitty Oogle"
by Dan June 28, 2004
Oogle is the belly fat that hangs there.

Girl: Eeew, look at that girl's oogle hanging out.

Girl 2: That's disgusting she needs to cover that up.
Ooogle is the belly fat that hangs out of girls shirts.
by Damned Danielle August 11, 2010
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