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Crazy tribal man, words used by crazy tribal man
eg. multi coloured Oogga Boogga man who spins round your head in crash bandicoot
by Tribal Docta October 03, 2006
1. A bunch a random jeberish that I conjerded up in my deformed mind.
2. The only vocabulary of my Minion.
3. Things crazed mothers say when they're about to attack thier children.
1. Uhmm...It's kinda self explanitory,what idiot would need a definition for that?
2. Minion> OOGGA BOOGGA!!! ((So cute ^^))
Small something> AGHHHHHHHHH!
3.Mother> *Eye twitches* Come here Billy...
Billy> *Walks over* Yes mother?
Billy> Holy shi--AGH!
by Bobathena November 13, 2005