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Oodie - An Ugly, unattractive female.
"Those girls over there are oodie."
Tim - "look at those girls over there"
Bob- "Oodie"
by James C. Butler March 24, 2011
Buddy, Friend, Comrade, Aquaintance, Companion, Pal, Ally
Here's to my best Oodie, Chris.
by Jamie Nez February 20, 2004
Something that can mean anything you want it to.
Like, "Damn, she was all up on my Oodie last night"
by Evan "Midwest" Walley August 17, 2003
A sweater that resembles a hoodie; a hoodie without a hood
"Cody is wearing that stupid looking sweater again"

"Dude, it's an oodie"
by Elmo1292 August 04, 2008
she is a candy coated bear who is very cute, and she is currently the girlfriend of dopey dwarf who did not want her raised by humans
by oodie's grandmother April 22, 2003