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Oodie - An Ugly, unattractive female.
"Those girls over there are oodie."
Tim - "look at those girls over there"
Bob- "Oodie"
by James C. Butler March 24, 2011
2 5
Buddy, Friend, Comrade, Aquaintance, Companion, Pal, Ally
Here's to my best Oodie, Chris.
by Jamie Nez February 20, 2004
20 1
Something that can mean anything you want it to.
Like, "Damn, she was all up on my Oodie last night"
by Evan "Midwest" Walley August 17, 2003
24 13
A sweater that resembles a hoodie; a hoodie without a hood
"Cody is wearing that stupid looking sweater again"

"Dude, it's an oodie"
by Elmo1292 August 04, 2008
5 4
she is a candy coated bear who is very cute, and she is currently the girlfriend of dopey dwarf who did not want her raised by humans
by oodie's grandmother April 22, 2003
6 20