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The terrible disorder which causes one to blurt out uncontrollable fits of randomness online. Some things said during a fit of online touretteswill be completely uncalled for and may result in uncontrolled lawlz and rofl's.
Dan:Omg seriously Mark you gotta stop being such a....AIDS!!!!.

Mark:Wtf def have online tourettes or some shit.


Dan:So I herd u liek mudkipz

by Leixand January 28, 2008
8 3
When a hacker breaks into your computer and changes your sentences into mean things when you are IM-ing so that you seem like you have tourettes.
Say if you typed in "I like new haircut". The Online Tourettes hacker would type in," I HATE your UGLY haircut, its GAY!!
by sandra_12_52 August 21, 2007
2 8