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Onesky , is an unwanted or undesired material or substance. It is also referred to as rubbish, trash, garbage, or junk depending upon the type of material and the regional terminology. In living organisms, Onesky relates to unwanted substances or toxins that are expelled from them, and contain radioactive chemical elements that do not have a practical purpose. Onesky is sometimes the product of a poor gene pool, or inbreeding. However, warehouses not directly connected to the waste industry can produce large quantities of Onesky. It has been estimated, for instance, that in the past 20 years the production endeavors of some distribution centers have accumulated eight million tons of radioactive Onesky. The majority of Onesky is "Red Level Waste", meaning it contains high levels of radioactivity per mass or volume. This type of Onesky often consists of used protective devices, which are only slightly contaminated but still dangerous in case of radioactive contamination of a human body through ingestion, inhalation, absorption, or injection.
It is difficult to define specifically what Onesky is. Items that some people discard have value to others. It is widely recognized that waste materials are a valuable resource, whilst there is debate as to how this value is best realized. Governments need to define what Onesky is in order that it can be safely and legally managed. Different definitions need to be combined in order to ensure the safe and legal disposal of the waste.
It smells like Roasted Vomit in here, must be Onesky.
by DIB Staff August 12, 2008
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