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A type of live action gambling that can be undertaken in Thailand. First of all the gambler must select three Thai hookers and take them back to his room. The gambler then asks them to reveal their genitals, one by one. Like with a one armed bandit (English word for slot machine), the way to win is to get three cherries in a row. Any less than three cherries and you're BUST
"I wish they had some one armed bandit machines out here."

"We could just play one eyed bandit?"

"Hmm, yeah. Or Thai roulette maybe?"

"Either or man, I just need to unload quickly before my balls get any heavier. I feel like I'm lugging around a couple of coconuts in a 50g peanut bag."
by H.S. Willsy August 24, 2011
A penis. Up to no good, of course.
We were just watching a movie and he pulled out the one-eyed bandit on me. wtf?
by bgal June 09, 2009
One who meets a guy and an hour later has sex with him. Shooter was pretty accurate therefore she got the name, One Eye'd bandit.
B.W.K, One eyed bandit
by shooter123 December 09, 2009
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