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Ond is the hebrew equivalent of Owned, although it's like, allot more l33t than owned.

Ond is the catchphrase of Onderman who is the same as Kikkoman,only he onds, and is not a soy-man...í_í;

Ond is usually used by Markus\Marcus, cuz he onds allot. His favorite hobby is onding people in #anime-manga, espically retarded nubs like prophet.

The Onderbunch consists of 9 members:
1)Sabin - Teh major ondergun.
2)DrLoco - DDR onder.
3)Onslaught - GB onder.
4)Sezuke - Mastul onder.
5)Totoguy - FAQ onder.
6)Dark_Ninja - French\Smallville onder.
7)Shu - Just shuuuu! - onder.
8)Da_Worldu - ctrl+c\v onder.
9)^Gohan - Star onder.

This bunch loves to ond nubs, and hates mexican people on Gunbound.
k la? waaaaaaaaaa.

2)I onded you.

3)I r teh onder.

by Deicide August 29, 2005