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This feminine name comes from the Nigirian, Yuroba Origin. It means "child is family" or "child born at the right time".

Omolara's are very attractive and pretty. Any boy will be lucky to be with her. She is a nice, and intelligent girl with a great sense of humor. She also has a nice butt that will make the boys head turn all the way down south. She is sexy af!
"Child born at the right time"

"Child is family"

I'm so lucky to have you, Omolara!
by OmogreenFye April 18, 2017
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This name comes from the Nigerian, Yuroba origin, and means "child is family" or "child born at the right time".

She is a very hot chick that gets all the boys to turn their heads. She is sexy af and don't care about what other people think. She a sensitive person but doesn't show that so well.

She has a nice booty and is very well known and popular. She has a lot of talent that nobody can compare to her level.
Omolara is looking like the Wueen everyday. #SlayAllDay
by OmogreenFye April 18, 2017
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-tha SEXIEST gay girl eva.

-mad pretty

-tounge game on tha one.

-any girl would be lucky to have her.

she's tha most faithful girl ever....would make tha best girlfriend to anyone
Sheesh Omolara you sexy as evaaa.
by GameOnThaOne March 10, 2010
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