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Someone who claims to love every one and every thing at the same time and would prefer it if everyone in the world was in a relationship all together.
The omnisexual person traveled the world, greeting his/her fellow lovers.
by Loveitup May 23, 2010
21 112
Omnisexual: (adj.) 1. Capable of performing every possible feat of reproduction 2. Able to reproduce with anything, even your bitch-ass ugly mother.
He's omnisexual; he drifted in space for twenty years and budded copies of himself, then landed on a distant planet and made babies with the plants there.
by Tweather September 21, 2008
46 225
One who is sexually attracted to gods and deities.

That girl reads and fucks the bible so much that she must be omnisexual.

Masturbating to pictures of jesus and moses engaging in sexual activities is an omnisexual act.
by CremeDeLaGherkin July 20, 2008
23 222
One who will have sexual relations with anything: male, female, intersex, androgynous, animal, child.

Not to be confused with pansexual, which differs slightly, though they are often considered synonyms.
She'll have sex with anything that she touches and that stays still long enough.
by Brianne July 27, 2004
73 279
Sexual preferences that are geared toward no specific group or fetish but towards pretty much anything. Often practiced by someone who's sexual tensions are high and who's standards are low. Best described by a particular button which reads I'd have sex with anything that moves right now, but why limit myself'.
Angelina Jolie is omnisexual.
by Reagan teh Nonsexual Lesbian January 08, 2005
84 291