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A chatroom which attracts either paedophiles and horny males that start their conversations with asl? (age-sex-location) or white people eager to see other white people but are shocked when they turn on their webcams to find coloured people with access to the internet.
One of the most pointless inventions of the web.
A typical paedophilic conversation on omegle

40 year old guy : ASL
15 year old girl : 18, female CA
40 year old guy : nice Im 18 from CA too lol lmao rofl lets get together
by Evenstar03 May 07, 2013
A place where underage teenagers go for a little 'fun'

Stranger: nice damn first i would squeeze those tits and lick ur nipples
You: i would moan quietly as you do so
Stranger: then i kiss down ur body till i get to ur pussy
You: i would continue moaning
Stranger: i start to finger ur pussy and lick ur pussy
You: i would gasp slightly
Stranger: i feel ur pussy get wet and i lick up all the jucies
Stranger: then whisper in ur ear wanna suck on something big?
You: i would moan oh god yes
Stranger: i watch u get on ur knees and i whip out my dick
You: i would hold the base of your cock gently, while i lick the tip slowly
You: rubbing your base so slowly that its almost painful
Stranger: i moan and hold ur hair
You: i slowly swirl my tongue around your head as i rub your base and fondle your balls
Stranger: i start to push ur head on my dick and moan
You: i take in your head and suck softly
You: i rub your cock gently as i suck, looking for your most sensitive spots
Stranger: mmm nice babe ur so good at this
You: i hum as i suck your head, making it vibrate, while i rub your cock a bit harder
Stranger: u feel my cock pulse from pleasure
You: i take in more of your cock, licking it as i suck
Stranger: i moan and pull a little on ur hair
You: I bob my head slowly, sucking softly, pressing my tongue on your cock as i bob my head
Stranger: i hold the back of ur head and push u head on and off my cock getting deeper everytime
You: I hum as you do so, making your shaft vibrate
Stranger: i moan louder and push ur head deeper
You: I gulp, deepthroating your cock quickly, licking one of your sensitive spots
Stranger: i pull on ur hair and push ur head off and on my cock pushing to whole thing in

little preview of whats good in omegle
by Omegle chick January 23, 2011
Place for 50 year old pedophiles that say that they're 15 years old. They always ask you for ASL (age/sex/location) right when you join the chat. If you tell them you are a male, they'll leave. If you tell them you're a female. They'll ask for pics of you. You can troll on them and post sourmath.com to tell them that's the site with your nude pics. Instead of seeing you nude, they'll end up with disgusting browser virus that can't be closed by browser.
Trolling on omegle conversation

stranger: Hi, horny, 15
stranger: asl
stranger:cute, pic of you plz?
you: ok :-)
you: sourmath.com
stranger:Thanks :-) cutie
You have disconnected
by Imatroll September 14, 2013
A website that's pretty much full of horny bitches who are 40 and still live with their mothers. They usually try to talk teenage girls into sex or they pose and 20 year old strippers with big tits.
Typical Omegle Conversation-
Stranger: Horny male looking for a horny female to cyber with!
You: Nah, I'm good
by ThatOnePerson69 June 18, 2011
where your postman wants to have a quick wank. He goes onto omegle hoping to find some boobies but ends up finding many willies
is that a willy?
how old are you?
do you want to see my willy?
wanted a wank so went on omegle
by i-am-percy July 03, 2014
1. you go there to find some hot chicks to jerk off to, but you only find other guys jerking off

2. you go there to talk to regular people about normal things, but you only find guys trying to jerk off
Computer: you are now talking with a random stranger on Omegle.com

guy one: ASL
guy two: is that your dick on the webcam?

Computer: your chat session has ended
by holeman1 March 07, 2014
Most people on omegle are either a perverted 40 year old guys showing you thier dick because no one they know wants to see theirs. Or a teenager that just ask girls to show them their tits because they are to pussy to ask girls they actually know.
example one:

Stranger-u wanna see me cum ;)
You- no screw you
You have disconnected

example two: Stranger- bitch show me your tits
You- why beacuse your to afraid to ask a girl thats not on omegle
Stranger- pretty much
You have disconnected
by 2hot4ubb;) July 04, 2012