A video chat website, where you connect to complete strangers, though 80 percent of a time it is a dude masturbating to the camera, or lonely fat chicks with their cats, but if you are very lucky you might just see Pewdiepie. 1 out of 9000 chance.
Bob: I hate the internet, too many dicks.
Steve: Were you watching gay porn?
Bob: No, I was on Omegle.
by Lonely Larry January 03, 2015
A social webcam website that links you to random strangers, but very rarely do you meet anyone normal. Instead, you will find countless penises, trolls, and people jacking off.
J: I was bored last night, so I went on Omegle.

K: Did you meet anyone interesting?

J: I saw sex penises and three guys dressed like Spider-Man before I gave up.

K: I saw thirteen penises, five guys dressed like Batman, someone passed out, and someone in an Easter Bunny costume holding a beer.

J: Wow, you have endurance!
by Lilyitha March 14, 2014
A place on the interwebs where strangers can prank you scare you and show off their bodies.
Omegle is a scary place
by AwesomeButGeeky246 February 26, 2015
1. you go there to find some hot chicks to jerk off to, but you only find other guys jerking off

2. you go there to talk to regular people about normal things, but you only find guys trying to jerk off
Computer: you are now talking with a random stranger on Omegle.com

guy one: ASL
guy two: is that your dick on the webcam?

Computer: your chat session has ended
by holeman1 March 07, 2014
A place that people will want to get your number or kik username so that they can see pics of your penis
Little girl:Omegle.com
Little girl:*typing* hello
Stranger:kik me i have a cool pic to show you
Little girl:ok!
by Themanwithdirt February 05, 2014
Place for 50 year old pedophiles that say that they're 15 years old. They always ask you for ASL (age/sex/location) right when you join the chat. If you tell them you are a male, they'll leave. If you tell them you're a female. They'll ask for pics of you. You can troll on them and post sourmath.com to tell them that's the site with your nude pics. Instead of seeing you nude, they'll end up with disgusting browser virus that can't be closed by browser.
Trolling on omegle conversation

stranger: Hi, horny, 15
stranger: asl
stranger:cute, pic of you plz?
you: ok :-)
you: sourmath.com
stranger:Thanks :-) cutie
You have disconnected
by Imatroll September 14, 2013
A online website where Directioners can fangirl together and share their One Direction twitter names
You are now chatting with a random stranger.

Say hi!

Stranger: VAS HAPPENIN!?
by OneDirectionFangirl March 04, 2012

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