A website where you can text chat or video chat with another stranger. You can find a wide variety of horny men, sluts, whores, man whores, and crackheads. Occasionally you will come across horny men who ask you to show them your thong, your ass, your boobs, and your whole naked body and you will win a "special prize" at the end.
Most times you will run into a man waving his dick around the camera, but very rarely you will run into a man waving his dick around, and then it explodes with cum.
Whore on omegle: *shows boobs*
Horny guy: Oohhhhhh yeah, now do a full strip for me.
Whore on omegle: Mmmmm, sure, hun.
Horny guy: yum yum.
by KissMyAss99 February 18, 2011
A convo that goes like this...

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: hi
You: heyy
Stranger: m/f
You: f
Stranger: m here
You: ill show u my tittes if u answer 1 question
Stranger: ok
You: ready baby?
Stranger: yup
You: What is your mental/literal physiological in-depth hypothesis of the humane excuse of a certain mentality if you got caught MASTURBATING?
Stranger: dick
You have disconnected
An example of a Omegle convo ^^^^^
by Yeah, Omegle sucks April 21, 2012
You: i know you're there.
Stranger: yes
Stranger: I am here
You: you weren't going to initiate?
Stranger: I wasn't intending to
Stranger: no
You: oh, and why is that?
Stranger: I'd rather be engaged
Stranger: than engage someone
You: yet, you're on this website. don't you find that slightly hypocritical?
Stranger: I'm here to be entertained
Stranger: I have no incentive to entertain
I'm looking for this stranger from omegle.
by iNeedToFindYou July 24, 2012
A website that randomly selects two people on the website to chat with each other. If you see someone wearing a shirt with this definition on it, try striking up a conversation with them!
We met on Omegle.
by Kwing August 16, 2010
Most people on omegle are either a perverted 40 year old guys showing you thier dick because no one they know wants to see theirs. Or a teenager that just ask girls to show them their tits because they are to pussy to ask girls they actually know.
example one:

Stranger-u wanna see me cum ;)
You- no screw you
You have disconnected

example two: Stranger- bitch show me your tits
You- why beacuse your to afraid to ask a girl thats not on omegle
Stranger- pretty much
You have disconnected
by 2hot4ubb;) July 04, 2012
An anonymous chat site mainly for pedophiles, and getting Rick Roll'd.
*Omegle example
Stranger: hi im 24 m spain and i like sex talk
You: one minutes ill get a video
You: its pr0nz
Stranger: asl plz
You: (insert rickroll here)
You: f/19/spain
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
by omegleroller August 27, 2010
A chatroom which attracts either paedophiles and horny males that start their conversations with asl? (age-sex-location) or white people eager to see other white people but are shocked when they turn on their webcams to find coloured people with access to the internet.
One of the most pointless inventions of the web.
A typical paedophilic conversation on omegle

40 year old guy : ASL
15 year old girl : 18, female CA
40 year old guy : nice Im 18 from CA too lol lmao rofl lets get together
by Evenstar03 May 07, 2013

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