Where people go for 10 minutes when they've been blocked from chatroulette.
"You have been blocked for 10 minutes"
Oh well, Omegle it is.
by jatr June 12, 2010
A website where 13-50 year old horny men who can't get a girlfriend go to masturbate while typing to a "girl". (who's most likely a male as well.) Most people will disregard all truth and say their buff, or have big 'parts', etc.
You: Hi, ASL?
Stranger: 15/m/USA (Notice the M.)
-You disconnect-

You: Hi, ASL?
Stranger: 13/f/USA
You: o ya babee plz sock mah 8 ench peeniz n tuch my hard abs cuz im a body beldur
Stranger: Why don't you have a seat over there.
by Tonypker13 September 07, 2010
troll central
Omegle.com Talk to strangers!

Stranger: i hate life
You: life just giving you lemons, eh?
Stranger: Def.
You: hm. :( mebbe i could cheer you up.
Stranger: how?
You: amazingly hilarious site esp for ppl whose life has been giving them s**t.
Stranger: really? what is it?
You: lemonparty.com
Stranger: oh, i will most def check it out

your conversational partner has disconnected.
by Rickroll12345 December 30, 2010
Omegle is a anonymous chat site for chatting with strangers all around the world. Most people on Omegle look for horny teen girls, and sexting. Also, at least 99,9% percent of its users are:
- horny douchebags looking for sluts to add them on Kik or Skype. Will disconnect if you are male, or don't have Kik/Skype.

- Pedophiles baiting for teen girls, very common in video chat.
- Horny indians. If you are on Omegle, the chances of running into an Indian guy are 75%. They can't spell and sometimes they don't even reply and disconnect immediately. Often avoided by omegle users.
- /b/tards and trolls: Very commonly found when using spy mode. They love to piss of Omegle noobs with nasty stuff and copypasta.
- Bots: Always claim to be female, 20 y/o and from a random US state. They always write the same things, no matter how retarded you behave, and thus they are easily to notice. If they give out a link, it will lead you to some shitty porn site or online farming game.
Generic convo with omegle douche:
Stranger: ASL
You: 16 m US
Your conversational partner has disconnected
If female:
Stranger: ASL
You: f 16 US
Stranger: kik
You: no
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

Generic convo with indian guy:
Stranger: hi asl?
You: f 16
Stranger: m 20 india
Stranger: u horny?
You have disconnected.

Convo with omegle spam bot:
Stranger: female // 20 // texas
Stranger: im here all alone and horney..
Stranger: recently I took sum pics of myself lol wanna see??
Stranger: cool, hit me up on here: *insert spam site*
Stranger: msg me,.im waiting!!!

Note how I said DESU all the time and the stranger didn't notice. This is a foolproof way to spot a bot.
by princzesa-angelina April 04, 2013
Chatroulette for dudes with small dicks
Stranger #1: I have a small dick.
Stranger #2: OMG! That's why I am not on Chatroulette!
Stranger #1: Me too!
Stranger #2: Omegle rules!
by SpaceMouse April 19, 2010
"Horny" strangers going on a website to cyber.

1/20 tries to get a "normal" non-horny person.
Omegle Convo:

Stranger: horny?
You: no
Your conversational partner has disconnected.


Me: Hey look at the convo that I had on omegle *sends above*
Friend: Wait.. You aren't? Why'd you sign on then.
Me: ...
by StrangerDanger2432 May 16, 2010
A place for TUMBLR people to get new followers and to piss off Omegle people off with "HNNG"
Piss off OMEGLE PEople:
you: HNNG?
stranger: another one
stranger: fuck OFF!

Tumblr People:
stranger: HNND :D
You: anthonyx.tumblr.com
stranger: janetxjoy.tumblr.com
by JOEY231546/ May 16, 2010
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