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Omegaboner: A state in which the male reproductive organ becomes erect and immediately incinerates all of the male's clothing. In the process the male's pubic hair becomes blond (no matter what the original hair color is) and begins pulsating with immense energy. This is also known as Super Sayan stage. The male now has the ability to shoot laser beams out of his “man hammer”. They are referred to as "Cock Beams". The Omegaboner is so powerful that, by just looking at it, women can get impregnated. This power works within a two-mile radius.

The Omegaboner is the final stage of boner. The order is as follows:
1. Boner
2. Megaboner
3. Gigaboner
4. Omegaboner
The Omegaboner is a very dangerous power, it must be executed with great caution.
by deltapidelta October 22, 2006
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