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(abbreviation: OMG)

1. A stereotypical sorority girl who frequently speaks in abbreviations such as "OMG," "LOL," "FBO," "totes," "presh," "biffel," "bestie," "abbrevs," etc.

2. Any girl (who may or may not be a member of a sorority) who considers herself "totes obsessed" with any or all of the following:
-the color pink
-any major brand name
-The Notebook
-The Hills
-her betches! lawlz!!!11

3. The universal community of females who fit either of the aforementioned descriptions.
“Girl: What are the different sororities on campus like?
Guy: I dunno, they’re pretty much all Omega Mu Gammas.”

"Girl 1: Was Paris Hilton ever in a sorority?
Girl 2: I don't think she went to college, so I doubt it, but she's definitely an OMG."

"Guy 1: At first I thought she was a cool chick; then I realized she was an OMG.
Guy 2: How's that?
Guy 1: She was wearing a Patriots jersey, so I figured she was into football. I tried to start a conversation about sports, and then she went on and on about how she's 'totes obsessed' with Tom Brady. I tried to bring it back to sports by arguing that the Dolphins are still the only team ever to have a perfect season. Then she wouldn't shut up about Jason Taylor, but she said he's no Edward Cullen. Who does he play for?"

by hakunamachado March 03, 2009
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