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An Omeegon is a label that is typically a person who is highly unlike most people. They tend to be some sort of a furry/furrie (usually feline of some sort) with cat-like movements, gestures & etc. that come naturally, not purposely. They are often highly social & very giving to people with love being the biggest key factor of their lives. They have a hard time saying no, tend to fall in love almost instantly, multiple times when spotting someone of the opposite gender & sometimes the same. (Usually the opposite gender) They tend to have a higher IQ than average, are usually not religious, a bit socially awkward, not afraid of love or things that most people find normal, are usually highly involved in some area of the Art/Alternate community, highly confuse people, highly loved or hated by average people & are known for secretly having multiple personalities that are only displayed between close friends & tend to almost be a character that seems to unbelievably true. They also tend to be naturally sweet, caring, weird, odd, unusual, are considered a highly talkable person, if given the opportunity they will hold up conversations for hours, sometimes days! They are also known to touching people & making them feel uncomfortable while being known to make friends quickly. Last, they are like walking oxymorons that give you a sense of calming & understanding while at the same time confusing & sometimes emphasizing parts of your life. It is rare to find a person who is a Omeegon.
There is no real example of a Omeegon to be given unless you have come across one or happen to know one. The best way to understand how a person is like this is to find him/her and witness it for yourself.
by P.U.D May 15, 2013
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