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A Really awkward guy with a really sexy beard, once you meet an Omed you will Fall in love right away. Omeds are always really nice and sweet. they also have gorgeous eyes, and long eyelashes. they're the coolest dudes ever.
"He drives me Crazzyyyy, hes such an Omed"
by TwerkingForTerrorist February 15, 2013
Omed is an amazing guy and any girl would die for him. His shy at first but once you get to know him, his fun, wild and an absolute great friend. He has a strong manly side, but he may not show it sometimes. His very good looking, sexy, hot, nice, caring, loyal and just amazing!!! His got the best eyelashes for a guy and a great style, but only when he wants too. His very wise and smart. You will love him to bits, so girls get to it!
His looks are so catchy, what an Omed.
by 157pseudonymmm July 01, 2014
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