Omaha is the new Seattle.
That Omaha scence is up and coming, no?
by Jeanette August 09, 2004
Cowtown...with no pro sports or any recreation other than drinking...Indy burger flippers,Warren buffet,Gerald ford ?my advice spend three days there ..leave
by Kjar March 24, 2011
Omaha is Moving on up! South Omaha is where latinos stay (HELL YEAH SURENOS!) North Omaha is where black people stay and West Omaha is where white pepole stay. Omaha has gangs,hoods, crackheads, dealas, hustlas, fine ass dudes, hella good weed, if you know who to get it from. It also got urban and suburbs. Even though you may think Omaha is full of farmers, its not maybe you should come and see how we do things in the 402.. SUR13 BYTCH!
Lil Flip is from Omaha, although he don't claim it.
Known as a "Dittohead Deutschland" (because of the high number of people there who are fans of Rush Limbaugh) that is full of jerks who think the Universe revolves around them. The Northern parts of Omaha are a frightening urban wasteland of gangs and decay, and half the city's real estate has a higher-than-average level of lead contamination because of a lead smelting plant.

The people of Nebraska are also notorious for their extremist rightwing views, as well as their fetish for the Nebraska Cornhuskers college football team.

The city of Omaha has recently bankrupted it's own city budget forever simply because the bigshots in Milwaukee who run the College World Series (CWS) demanded a stadium closer to downtown, and the Omaha City Council bowed down and obeyed.

Major corporations that have been based in Omaha include Northern Natural Gas Company (which later renamed itself Enron) and the also defunct Franklin Credit Union, which had been at the center of controversy involving a pedophile ring linking Boys Town and several powerful republican figures during the first George Bush terms as President in the late 80's.

People of Omaha also have a disturbing hatred/obsession with the city of Council Bluffs, IA across the river. No one quite knows where or why they have such a seething animosity towards this city across the Missouri River. It seems that people in Omaha just need something to look down on in order to make their own hideous lives seem superior.
Omaha: Small Town That Thinks It's a Big City
by It's a Secret To Everyone April 26, 2009
44th largest city in America. Not very well known, since Nebraska is a piece of crap state. Omaha is the only cool place in Nebraska, much like St. Louis or Seattle. It's a pretty nice city, with Caucasians making up the majority of the population, although North Omaha is largely populated by Blacks and Mexicans.
"Yo, I was down in Omaha visitin' my Grandma, it was pretty cool."
"Yeah, I heard o' dat place. Where is it"
"Ah I dunno, some damn place called Nerbaska or sumtin..."
by Zach March 14, 2005

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