Omaha is the new Seattle.
That Omaha scence is up and coming, no?
by Jeanette August 09, 2004
Omaha (44th largest city in US) otherwise known as the Big O. Omaha is the biggest city in Nebraska, and isn't the typical plain flatland and corn. Omaha is very underrated even though it's home too: CWS, husker football, corn, the Henry Doorly Zoo, a beautiful downtown indie/concert scene, and the CenturyLink Center. It also is also home town to famous people you wouldn't expect like Malcolm X, Warren Buffet, and real world contestants Tyrie Ballard & Laura Waller, etc. It's a great place to raise a family even though it is full of STD's. Almost every teenager complains they hate living there and will eventually move away because gossip spreads fast, but never do. The most common school districts are MPS and OPS. Also it seems to have segregated areas by ethnic back grounds. West Omaha has rich white suburban people, South Omaha has Hispanic, and North Omaha has black people. In Omaha people don't ride cows/tractors to school and most aren't redneck.
Kim: let's go party & FSU. YOLO
you: i wish Omaha teens had more original slogans.
by edhujscd July 03, 2012
When a plan goes much differently than intended.

Unexpected troubles
I stepped on the field and noticed Linebackers set to blitz. I screamed omaha to the receivers to run a FAST slant.

Driving down the highway and I noticed traffic coming to a stand still. I simply called my friend who was following and said Omaha, take another route.

I was in the woods when I fell and hurt my leg. I yelled omaha for someone to help me.
by Smuve23 February 06, 2014
When you and a friend are have sex with two different girls and you call a "Omaha" and switch up girls.
Kyle "Yo Eric man let's Omaha these 2 girls."
Eric "Yeah man let's do it"
by Cow Harder December 23, 2014
A rat hole that has the third highest murder rate for blacks in the country.
In North Omaha the brothers ain't happy with #3 they're shooting for #1, black murder capital of the nation.
by south omaha boy March 13, 2010
A poker game not unlike Texas Hold 'Em in which each player is dealt 4 hole cards and combines them with the Holdem-like 5 community cards to make their best 5-card hand(it is thus sometimes called Omaha Hold 'Em). The catch is that each player must use exactly 2 cards from his hand with exactly 3 from the board. It can also be played HiLo, where the best high hand and lowest hand (with straights and flushes not counting against you) splitting the pot.
ESPN will air a World Series of Poker pot limit Omaha final table this year.
by Joe February 26, 2005
the state of nirvana achieved when an "aha moment" is realized while chanting the sacred exclamation "Om" during meditation. Or, a city in the state of Nebraska, USA.
Lars felt the incense permeate his sinuses and suddenly, legs crossed, fingers poised thumb-finger, palms down, his gutteral sounds vibrated within his chest and familiar inspiration flashed through him.

Omaha is the largest city in the state of Nebraska.
by Bando Bubblehead June 21, 2009
Money, loot, paper, cheese, chedda, scrilla, ends, benjamins, green, dead presidents, scratch, stacks, loot cakes
1) Damn homey, I gotta get that Omaha! If you wanna get laid you gotta get paid

2) That cat is always on the paper chase...that's how he stacks that omaha so fat!
by parchador October 11, 2010

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